Why iWop is brilliant!

Why iWop is brilliant!

- It is efficient... it consumes only 3.5W

- It saves you money because it is so efficient

- It is designed to last a very long time... 86.000 light hours or up to 25 years!

- It is repairable and sustainable. No need to replace it every 2 years

... A truly winning combination!




    iWop is committed to deliver a hight quality and smart bulb that is designed to last up to 25 years.

    But in case anything went wrong, we made our bulb modular, so that we can repair the bulb without chucking the whole thing away!


    iWop consumes 3.6W, over 90% less energy than a traditional bulb and provides almost the same brightness as a 60W bulb.

    Even more, you will generate less CO2 emissions with savings of up to 70% less greenhouse gases pumped into the atmosphere!


    That's because it will only consume 1.77 pounds per year*! Because iWop bulb is so efficient, you can save up to 280 pounds per year!*

    Plus you won't have to worry about replacing the light bulb every year because it will last up to 25 years!

    *10 bulbs on 10 hours per day

  • ETHICAL...

    We have developed this great product because we are serious about sustainability. We believe in a world where things are made to last and not to be replaced every year or two.

    We love the Earth and we want to keep it as wonderful as it is by reducing the waste, emissions and allowing you to save money along the way.

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Welcome to iWOP!

iWOP is the only light bulb that is designed to last a lifetime! In fact, we are so passionate about zero waste and efficiency, that we made ours repairable so that you don't have to think about buying a new one for the next 25 years... how about that! (see FAQs for how we calculate this :) ). One thing is for sure, you can sit and relax because you won't have to worry about your light bulb in a veeeery long time.

But our iWOP bulb is even more than that. It is the most efficient we have come across, consuming only 3.6W and delivering an staggering amount of light (470 lumens of warm white light for the more technical readers), that is the equivalent roughly to a 60W conventional light bulb, giving you well over 90% efficiency for your money!


How do install the bulb?

The bulb comes with a E27 screw socket base, making it very easy to install. E stands for Edison type of base and 27 refers to the base diameter, which is standard medium sized suitable for domestic use.

What if my bulb socket is other than E27?

Currently, iWop only supports the E27 socket type. However, we are working in new models with different bases in order to fit a wider range of bulb holders. Why not befriend us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/iwopbulb/ or sing up to our newsletter at the bottom of the page to get our latest updates and developments on our products?

How long will my order take to be delivered?

We will process your order in less than 24 hours once they payment is confirmed. We will also let you know by e-mail when your order has been dispatched. 1st Class shipping will take about one working day to arrive whereas 2nd class may take two or three days. Please, contact us if you have additional questions or need a special delivery service.

How do you achieve such great efficiency?

At iWOP we pride ourselves of producing one of the most efficient LED domestic light bulbs in world. Please, see our How does it work? section for more information.

How can you prove your energy saving claims?

At iWOP we have gone the extra mile to certify our product. We asked our light bulb to be tested by third parties who verified the quality and veracity of this product. You can download the reports by clicking on the section How does it work?.

I have a question that is not listed here...

We have a comprehensive list of Questions and Answers on our FAQs section in the menu. Should you not find the information you are after, please do not hesitate to drop us a line. Our details are in the Contact section or visit us on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/iwopbulb/ . We will be happy to hear from you! :)